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  1. siddharthjacob88 says:

    The Video,Audio & Subtitle tracks are out of sync for episode 1. Please fix.
    Also, can u check the remaining episodes too.
    Thanks in advance.

    • dingchris says:

      will look into that ep

      • siddharthjacob88 says:

        Thanks for fixing episode 1, all the others are fine. Keep up the great work.
        I don’t know what your updating schedule/que is, I would suggest doing completed seasons before ongoing ones as you won’t have to do both HDTV & Web-dl vers. That is unless, you will be adding only Web-dls, then it doesn’t matter.
        Won’t bother you too much. Great to have u back.
        Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  2. Franklg2017 says:

    can you add American dad to your to do list?
    episode name=Santa, Schmanta
    it was release a weak ago

  3. siddharthjacob88 says:

    Please upload Superstitition S01E10 & The Gifted S01E11.
    Thanks for adding my requests to your list.
    Take care & keep up the good work.

  4. siddharthjacob88 says:

    Thanks for Episode 10 & 11 but the go4up page is not displaying the download link list. It shows loading in progress but even after 30 minutes the link list is not loaded.
    I even opened the page with a proxy server & it still encounters the same problem.
    Is there a problem with the site or something on my end?

  5. siddharthjacob88 says:

    Never mind. I found a work around to the problem.

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