Marvel’s Runaways – S01

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15 Responses

  1. lokchat69 says:

    Hope you can include the earlier episodes too 1 – 7. Thanks.

  2. siddharthjacob88 says:

    Is everything all right? I hope you are well.
    Are you experiencing server problems again since have not updated since Jan 3?
    Whatever the issue, if you find time please post a message on the site to keep your users informed.

  3. siddharthjacob88 says:

    Thanks for the episodes but the go4up links page does not show the filehost page download links.
    The links are listed but when you click on the download option it does not show or go to the filehosting site page & neither are the filehost link urls present.
    Please fix.

    • dingchris says:

      links fine its your side

      • siddharthjacob88 says:

        Can u see the filehost site urls like clicknupload, filerio etc.., because the go4up page opens a new page when I click on the filehost but the url is missing on the page.
        I can’t even find it in the page source code.

      • siddharthjacob88 says:

        Take Episode 9 for example, I go to the go4up page:
        I click on the filerio url link:
        The page opens but the download link space is empty.
        Is is just on my side?? Because I tried using different browsers but the same result comes.

        • dingchris says:

          works for me no issues, clear browser cache cookie etc or try reset modem

          • siddharthjacob88 says:

            It was a problem on my ISP’s side. Its fixed now.
            Great work as always.
            I saw your To-do list & I would like to request that you add the following series to your list:
            The Girlfriend Experience – S02,
            The Exorcist – S02,
            Kevin Can Wait – S02,
            Man with a Plan – S02,
            Great News – S02,
            Avengers Assemble – S04,
            Van Helsing – S02,
            SWAT (2017) – S01,
            Jane the Virgin – S04,
            How to get Away with Murder – S04,
            9 JKL – S01,
            Modern Family – S09,
            The Big Bang Theory – S11,
            Young Sheldon – S01,
            The Good Place – S02,
            Ghost Wars – S01.
            I know its a lot & will take time but I’m sure gradually you will be able to update all the series.
            Once again, keep up the great work & thanks.
            Take care.

  4. lokchat69 says:

    Thank you for the earlier episodes.

  5. siddharthjacob88 says:

    Please upload Marvel’s Runaways S01E10 Web-dl. Thanks in advance.

  6. KhukuriDevil says:

    Episode 10 480p is in 720p tab an 720p in 480p

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