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Other Suggestion

Cyko – Mostly Cartoon and Anime Minicoder HandBreak

Video Dimensions

1280×720 resized to 848×480 = 480p
1920×1080 = 1080p
1280×720 = 720p
848×480 = 480p
700×400 = 400p
624×352 = 360p

Encoding Sizes

Tv Series

1hr 25 min 480p = 300Mb
42 min 480p = 150Mb
42 min 720p = 275Mb
32 min 480p = 80-100Mb
22 min 480p = 75Mb
22 min 720p = 140Mb
Tv Show
22 min 720p = 85-95Mb
22 min 352p = 65Mb
42 min 352p or 400p = 130Mb


Dvdrip 1hr 20min-30min 350Mb
2hrs+ = 450Mb
Bluray 720p
1hr 20min-30min = 550mb-600Mb
2hrs+ = 850Mb-1gig
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File Downloading

Internet Download Manager(IDM) Mipony jDownloader

File Extraction


Video Player/ Codecs

Vlc Player Media Player Classic [/toggle] [toggle Title=” How to register”] _001_ _002_ [/toggle] [toggle Title=”720p: WEB-DL vs HDTV“]

So.. what’s all the fuss about WEB-DLs, where do they actually come from? Why is HDTV inferior to WEB-DLs? I’ll answer the most common questions in this topic and will guide you to the path of righteousness. What are WEB-DLs?

To put it simply, WEB-DLs is paid content from iTunes with superior quality in all areas. Networks release them on a flat rate of $2.99 on the US iTunes Store, £2.49 in the UK iTunes Store and $3.49 in the Canadian iTunes Store. The content comes mainly from HDBits but there are also other trackers who have minor internal groups who work on releasing these to the world. What’s usually the delay on a WEB-DL in comparison to HDTV? Obviously HDTV will always be released first as they’re pre’d basically a few minutes after the episode finishes airing. The episode is usually available on iTunes about 6-8 hours after airing on network TV. After that, it’s usually up to the uploader in question. In most cases, it’s up within 24 hours of the airing date, but it’s solely up to the uploader. Why should I wait for WEB-DL? Honestly, if you care about quality at all, you shouldn’t have to ask this question at all, but I’m going to answer it. Scene quality is in almost all cases inferior to WEB-DL and the lesson here is that patience is a virtue. What are the differences? WEB-DLs usually have better detail, less grain, less blurriness and better colors. They also have no network channels or any annoying bugs.

Source : hd-ddl