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11 Responses

  1. maninasuit says:

    S01E07 720p is missing……please fix

  2. maninasuit says:

    I can’t download any of the episodes…….It says to turn off my adblock plus even after disabling it!!!
    And what about uploading S01E07 720p???

  3. maninasuit says:

    So2E24 720p link is dead….please fix

  4. maninasuit says:

    How can I change http to https?? It’s up to you guys. even after adding https:// to the web address(minirlss.net), nothing changes.

    • dingchris says:

      lol not minirlss but i was referring to go4up website sorry about that but its ouo.io thats giving you issues
      1. it may be your ISP blocking ouo.io seeing that happen several times
      2. router may just need to be restarted

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