The Librarians – S04E06

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  1. siddharthjacob88 says:

    Thanks for “The Librarians” & “Vikings”.

    As usual great encodes. Will you be adding the 480p Web-dl vers. later?

    Will you be updating TV series whose seasons have concluded like Channel Zero – S02, Frontier – S02, Gunpowder, Once Upon a Time – S07E01-E10, Outlander – S03, The Deuce – S01, Travelers – S02, etc..?

    If you are doing them, please upload the web-dl instead of HDTV.

    I don’t mean to bombard you with requests as I know it will take time since you have not yet reached your goal. Just curious about their status.

    Take care & hope you will reach your goal soon.

    Wishing you Happy Holidays. πŸ™‚

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was out of town for work for few days still a bit busy will try update whats encoded