The Gifted – S01E12e13

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3 Responses

  1. siddharthjacob88 says:

    Thanks for The Gifted. As always great quality encodes.

    Please add Episode 11 as well since AMZN Web-dl is available.

    Also, please add Marvel’s Runaways S01E09.

    Thanks in advance.

    I saw your To-do list & I would like to request that you add the following series to your list:
    The Girlfriend Experience – S02,
    The Exorcist – S02,
    Kevin Can Wait – S02,
    Man with a Plan – S02,
    Great News – S02,
    Avengers Assemble – S04,
    Ghost Wars – S01,
    Van Helsing – S02,
    SWAT (2017),
    Jane the Virgin – S04,
    Modern Family – S09,
    The Big Bang Theory – S11,
    Young Sheldon – S01,
    The Good Place – S02.

    I know its a lot & will take time but I’m sure gradually you will be able to update all the series.

    Once again, keep up the great work & thanks.

    Take care.

  2. UnholyGod says:

    Size of file and extension on Openload is different
    Any difference in the encodes?
    All sites have them in 285MB mkv but openload is 300MB mp4

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was out of town for work for few days still a bit busy will try update whats encoded